The bad thing is that it goes away very quickly. To me this smells like a heap of whipped cream with the sweetness of berries, not sweet in a syrupy kind of way. I would love to see this in a rollerball or mini-spray someday. Finally, the dry down consists mainly of the marshmallow note which is very soft and sweet. Sorry for my cheesy and weird review, I’m super strange but that’s okay. … It smells like any other celebrity fragrance. Among all Ariana’s perfumes (which I own except for Frankie) the only one that has a long staying power is her new fragrance Cloud. The paint on the bottle keeps scratching off without me doing anything! I get marshmallow, whipped cream, and sugared fruits. That being said, it smells ok while it lasts, but it smells generic and unlike the description. I smell mostly syrupy/sugared berries and there's also a little bit of a mulled wine smell that comes through as it dries. Overall, though, I would describe Sweet Like Candy as more fruity than creamy, just because of the tartness. :) Love the bottle too. Marshmallow and vanilla. However, that begins to fade after 10 minutes or so. I have just ordered the gift set that also has the body lotion in the hopes it lasts a bit longer. I'm a sucker for sweet scents and this one is my favorite. I just picked this up from shoppers a few days ago and I honestly love it ! It smells of berries and cream and then the cream becomes more vanilla as it fades :-D I have more expensive perfumes in my collection but it's funny that it's always this one that gets me compliments. I'm pleasantly surprised! The perfume is available in 1oz to 3.4 oz sizes from $39 to $59 as well as available in rollerball … I personally prefer her first fragrance however it doesn't mean that this one isn't good, because in fact this perfume is absolutely gorgeous, just like Miss Grande herself. The sillage and longevity are both moderate. My only complaint is that is doesn't last long. Wear what you like, to send the message you wish to send, ok? I don't know why it says marshmallow. Sweet Like Candy is very sweet but also slightly powdery (I guess whipped cream, vanilla and marshmallow does that). All i can smell is sweet candy that makes me think of cotton candy but better. The bottle is adorable, matte lilac color scheme and the pompom is the perfect touch. I'm beginning to think my body chemistry does better with sweet scents. I'm kind of disappointed with this scent because Ari was really good and this one was lackluster. Unfortunately I’m not able to return or try to get a exchange. You need to be logged in to add a review. This is honestly Ari's worst perfume. Plus, the bottle is adorable and really nice quality! Not too strong either. Ari was a gourmand cotton candy at the carnival smell, this is a sweet summer fruit scent. Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande 100ml Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. Such a let down! This perfume was such a let down. Featured. I usually and more often than not steer clear of celebrity frags (my only favorite being the original BS Fantasy which has since been reformulated and is now a complete catastrophe), but this one peaked my interest based on the name, bottle, artist and notes. Top notes are Blackberry, Pear and Bergamot; middle notes are Whipped cream, Marshmallow, Black Currant, Frangipani, Honeysuckle and Jasmine; base notes are Vanilla and Cashmere Wood. This perfume is so sweet but not too overpowering with marshmellow,sparkling fruit,cotton candy,etc! This is the scent that would have driven them crazy but this was not available when I was in junior high. I bought a 1.7 oz bottle of this and wear it happily! It is a bit sweeter to me than Ari, which i also love but it isn't a strong enough scent for me. It starts with a strong burst of blackberry cream but fades to an average woody floral on my skin. It’s sweet extremely and syntheticly... it’s ok for those that haven’t sniffed niche stuff. I like this perfume because, its super sweet, but in a light, fluffy way. Nada diferente,sin embargos un rico aroma. La Vie Est Belle (LVEB) is probably one of the best female perfumes ever created, despite the number of sweet-smelling perfumes that hit the market every year. So eventually I decided to ignore the brand and focus just on the scent. This is not as gourmand as I thought it would smell but it still smells amazing. I own the perfume, body mist, lotion and searching for the shower gel. I like it a lot, is my new favourite!!! This smell is more mature than Ari, in my opinion. No (1) on promotion. Personally, Sweet like candy smells exactly like Katy Perry's Meow.. Have each on a different arm and its a dupe. Sweet creamy dreamy candy, marshmallow, pink color suits it well. As the fragrance dries down, it mellows out, and the tartness isn't as in-your-face... softer notes of marshmallow and creamy vanilla emerge with a hint of musk, or "cashmere woods" as the base notes are described. Will definitely buy again! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. This seems to mesh so well with my body chemistry. The notes that stand out on my skin are cream, marshmallow and fruits. 4.7 out of 5 stars 421. This is one of those fragrances where I can’t pick out any single notes except maybe for the cassis? Now I dont really reach for this unless I'm going out and need something to last me for the night. Sweet like Candy very much indeed! So if you want to buy this fragrance choose the Britney one as the only difference is the silage and longevity and Britney Midnight Fantasy stays much longer then Sweet like Candy. It's not my skin, I have tried quite of few to know that this one is just too soft. Shop for Sweet Like Candy Parfum. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. But I still love this scent, it's not overbearing nor headache-inducing. It is the combination of sweet, fruity and a little fresh.. i would say it’s a soft subtle marshmallow kinda sweet than candy type of sweet.. not wow but not hate either.. the longevity on fabric is crazy.. i sprayed it at night and i can still smell it afternoon the next day:: but on my body it lasts for only a few hours. I dont find it childish, the marchmellow mostly prominent in the beginning, it lingers of quickly. :) I'd rate this a 10/10 and I don't do that lightly. Sweet like candy - It is way more beautiful than her first fragrance (her Ari reminds me ,,POUR FEMME,, by D&G). Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020. i love it sm!! Sweet Like Candy is Ariana Grande’s third fragrance launch, and it’s created a huge buzz. On me it lasts about 3-4 hours and then basically becomes a skin scent. Sweet Like Candy is truly sweet without being shy about it. Super intense smell that can be a bit suffocating. Perfume That Smells Like Candy 2: Demeter Cotton Candy. Everything else is mixed in so that I can't distinguish it. It's fresh and even slightly sour! Just thought I would say that so no one would think my review was biased. It is so so so sweet with a little tart. Yes But that doesn't mean I like everything from her. FREE Delivery. I see nothing wrong with it. Buy Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml. Next. I get so many compliments it’s scary. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It is very low quality. I liked the original Ariana Grande fragrance-cute bottle and it smelled like cotton candy so whats not to like? Thats why I typically move on to better Perfumes than all these Famous Star's Scents. A good friend of mine used to wear this when we worked together at a restaurant. I wasn't going to do a review on it, but it fit in with my current theme. I bought "Sweet Like Candy" hoping for another pleasant surprise but I was wrong. It definitely is sweet but not as sweet as you would think. Most of Anna Sui's perfumes are young, sweet and fruity. For the first hour it reminds me more of Viva la juicy gold (in terms of that sweetness and berry) minus the amber actually (which is pleasant). Literally. It doesn't smell like candy in my opinion, but it is definitely a cohesive mix of sweet, creamy and fruity notes. Very sweet, hint of freshness, no hard notes, no masculine notes, I wouldn't call it very fresh. Spraying this first I didn't get a specific scent, it was very synthetic, but I decided to wait on it and see if it changes to something and then I started to see the resemblance to the original Ari, I started to smell that marshmallow very very lightly, but then it goes nowhere. It has my vanilla sweetness, so I'm bound to like it. It smells like whipped cream and marshmallows, and there's some tart fruitiness from the blackberry and blackcurrant. Also, it is still lack of the "maturity" and "quality" and does not have the "gourmand" effect like La Sucré. Beautiful perfume, tender,lovely but also playful. I also pick up on what smells like apple, even though that's not listed. This is very sweet and light and inoffensive. This perfume might give some people headaches. I really like it, but it just doesn't last long enough. Shop the Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy range online at Superdrug. This was my signature for about a year and I'm only changing it up because I've moved to a different climate and I want to see how other perfumes react on my skin here. Since I don't own this one personally I can't comment on the longevity of it. It is very, VERY fruity. I think the macaroon maybe would get a little bit more wear, I feel like smelling like cotton candy would only be good in certain situations! Very similar to Ari. And I've renamed it, Stairway to Heaven! The one impresses me most is Forbidden Affair. To me, this smells more like fresh berries and overall just very clean. It has a pretty good longevity as well; I've put it on at 5am and still had it going strong at 3pm. I bought this because I really loved her "Ari" fragrance. Sweet powdered blackberry candies in a bottle! I don't think there is much sillage on this. The bergamot, jasmine and honeysuckle are only detectable at first spray, but everything dries down to a sharp candy on the skin. Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition By Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum 1.7 Oz... Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition By Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum 1.7 Oz Spray. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. It smells like spring and is light and airy enough to be worn during the day, while captivatingly romantic enough for evening wear as well. Pear, blackberry, blackcurrant and lime - all this sounds like a dream but one that does not come true in this case. Ariana Grande (3) Beauty Almanac |. Sillage and longevity are both A+. It gets better with time, it smells of powdered berries, candy and marshmallows, a delicious, powdered (gotta emphasize this again) perfume. Really like this one (not sure about love but maybe). Just a nice pretty sweet saccharine delicious aroma of grape candy, berries, and of course the main ingredient vanilla. £49.52 £ 49. Sorry not sorry V&R. I love it! I don't actually smell the candy, it doesn't smell how I expected it to. But its a very nice perfume though. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.0 Ounce, 1 Fl Oz (ARG2LR16110) at Because of that I wouldn't buy it again. I think Ari is still my fav of hers but this one is still great. It is light and not irritating, but pure diabethes XD. Plus, somebody might wonder what it smells like. 'Sweet Like Candy' is pretty similar to her debut fragrance 'Ari', however does have some minor changes to it. Alot of people say that it smells alot like candy, fruits and vanilla. It smells like marshmallow fluff (not super sweet, just right) and juicy, tart blackberries. Ariana Grande Body Mist Spray 8 oz Women (Sweet Like Candy) 4.5 out of 5 stars 356. They can be pretty much used interchangeably. It was too sweet for me, too synthetic. Smells very much like Fancy by Brittany Spears. This baby pink girly scent does smell exactly like candy♡ if you’re a sucker for candy like delicious almost edible smells, then you will be very satisfied. 93 I get disgusted with the manly-testosterone smelly musks. also- the longevity/ sillage of this one is huge on me so I'm surprised that it doesn't last on other people. If you like sweet, you'll love it. Inspired by Ariana's seductively sweet, fun and sexy personality, unlock your most delightful daydream, flirt with the delicious possibilities and find yourself tickled pink with temptation. I really love it BUT it has absolutely zero longevity. You can get another few hours out of it if you put on the matching lotion first, but honestly it does great on its own. Sweet candy. The bottle is so cute with little fur ball. Just all things nice and fresh and sweet. This isn't at all a bash towards you, however I would take this as constructive feedback. I smelt no marshmallows, vanilla, or cream which is what I wanted it to smell like!! Anyway, I finally gave in and tested this perfume out while at the mall. To me, this smells very similar to the "Be Enchanted" scent from B&BW. Fragrance Reviews: 1003363 And the marshmallow one as well... Then this WOULD be quite a nice scent for colder days - but as it is, I find it impossible to wear:( It's so nauseating, and the fruity notes are barely there, what a shame! It may make for a good gift if you have a tween female family member who loves Ariana, because the bottle is pretty and the scent is perfectly safe. I think it's perfect for teenagers though. Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2019. Smells similar to "Viva La Juicy Sucree"(which I love!) I would say it's great for nights out. This is a very tart fruity scent that has a kind of innocence and flirtatiousness that reminds me of being back in junior high when I was discovering "myself" as a magnet for boys. It really is such a fluffy scent, very feminine for those special days you want to be care free and feel cute. This smells like Viva La Juicy Gold but a bit more girly. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum Spray, 50 ml. Fair enough, you think its an unoriginal scent, however adding the rest onto it about the packaging and how much you hate the artist doesn't make a review, it makes it an irrelevant opinion to what we are actually reviewing. I even sprayed it on my sheets and found the scent didn't last which was a shame. This is a delicious fruit cake straight out of the oven type of scent. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy By Ariana Grande 3 Piece Gift Set - 3.4 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Oz Body Souffle, 3.4 , pink . Although this is the type of scent I wore when I was very young, I definitely don't think it's limited to that age range. I had Ari, but for me it was entirely too sweet (although my mom actually complimented me on it, which is unusual since she's not into fragrances as I am); ironic that this scent is far less sugary sweet than Ari, but has a creamier, fluffier feel to it. out of Smells like raplh lauren pony 2 and justin beiber sigh..her first one is amazing. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray Product ID: 2670536. This one is less fruity aquatic than Ari. I sprayed this on the back of my hand and thought to myself I have smelt this before and it hit me that it’s almost a clone of meow except to me Meow has better longevity to it vs this one was gone after an hour . This is Ariana’s best fragrance. Despite all … Very creamy, very warm and comforting. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum, launched in 2015, is playful at heart wrapped in decadent desire. I don't like it at all. 10/10 would definitely purchase again. I couldn’t bare it. 98 reviews. Also, the perfume lasts really long! Lush is a good word for it. Hmm. I originally really wanted it because I loved the packaging and the idea of smelling like candy. I also like that this is so easily accessible at ULTA and that the matching lotion for this smells EXACTLY like the fragrance. It's a nice scent, very powdery. This is very fitting of the name. Suchen bei Duftnoten. I knew it's a must have for me the day I saw it's launch could I resist marshmallow,cream and vanilla?and all those lovely floral notes and cashmere wood.the only thing I was concerned about was it's fruity notes.pear is a favorite but blackberry,blackcurrent and bergamot.well I wasn't very happy to see them.I don't have anything against fruity notes.there are a lot of fruity scents I like but I'm tired of all gourmands with berryish fruits.why do they think there must be some kind of berry in every floral-fruity-gourmand?and if they don't use a berry,they replace it by black or red current or any other fruity note which appears like berry on skin.almost all viva la juicy flankers,killer queens,fantasy rocker femme and now sweet like candy.I just wish to see a gourmand full of cream and marshmallow but without any fruity notes(thanks god there's Prada candy so that I could experience caramel without any fruit).lets go back to sweet like candy: This is by far one of my favorite perfumes. Vanilla, berries, and tons of cotton candy. I've made my peace with the fact that I vastly prefer sweet and fruity scents to anything else and probably always will. Not for winter, personally I think that its just too tropical for cold,cozy winter days. (Only because I smelt a candle that had cassis and it smelt similar) anyway, I get a mild sweet fruitiness but otherwise I don’t really pick up any of the floral or warmer musky notes. Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019. Simply lovely longevity and sillage. Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition ist ein limitiertes Parfum von Ariana Grande für Damen und erschien im Jahr 2017. I personally love the original "Sweet Like Candy" perfume and when I saw this, I knew that I had to buy it. I opened the seal as it was in a lovely box, just to smell it to make sure it … Even though it's sweeter than all of my other scents, it's not overly sweet. This is quite pretty if you are partial to sweet scents. To my nose this isn't as overly sweet as Ari, despite what the name suggests; Sweet Like Candy is more fruity sweet, rather than sugar and vanilla sweet. I ABSOLUTELY love this. Playful ... big projection and Sillage and cheap . Sweet Like Candy Perfume 100 ml Eau ... (32.54 EUR), Perfume rating I love sweet scent in general, but I thought that this scent is only for teenage girls. WOW, the name definitely says it all. I have ARI but never wear it. No matter what scent you like, there’s an option out there for you. I love this scent, and I wear it every day. If you aren't a fan of overly gourmand, but would like a touch of sweet, a little fresh and a bit of floral, check this out. Sole sugary note in Ariana Grande's scent is not that interesting. I will start by saying that even though I find her incredibly annoying and terrible to many of her fans that git her to where she is today....i never judge a fragrance by the face of a brand. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray-P46268. Best part is the bottle- it is rather pretty. The sillage apparently is very good too, my parents notice it even if I sneak some on with one spray, but I don't smell it unless I put it very close to my nose. I had kept putting off buying it even though it kept popping up on my radar.. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum, 3.4 Oz at "Ari" impressed me, so i was excited to try this one, but i am disappointed. the bottle it also v cute. Fruity. This is amazing, has some similarities to Ari but is creamier and a little heavier, which is not overwhelming because of the fruity notes, specially the bergamot. The whole point of Fragrantica is to give an HONEST opinion on the SCENT and not whoever has endorsed it. This scent is very, very sweet and I can see a 16/17 year old really enjoying this fragrance; granted I am 28 and enjoy this scent - I think anyone can and should wear whatever scent makes them happy so long as it is not overly offensive to the nose or brings anyone to nausea. If you're considering a blind buy, I say DO IT. I don't want to be a hater of this perfume but I'm struggling to find the good in it. Very flirty, youthful, and feminine. This is not a subtle perfume by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s well balanced. I also pick up on what smells like apple, even though that's not listed. Sweet Like Candy perfume for women is the epitome of Ariana Grande’s self-branded image. ... Women’s Perfume (2) Body Mist (1) brand. It is carefree at heart and wrapped in decadent desire. I think it's worth having in your collection. Vanilla and berries are my favorite notes, and they smell lovely in this perfume. Add both to Cart Add both to List. It wasn’t too pricey so I’ll just continue to over spray it when I wear it to compensate. It's the heaviest of them all, the sweetest of them all, and the least long lasting. I do however only wear perfume for me. I could go all day about this fragrance but i recommend that people try this. I was hoping more for a creamy, vanilla fruit type of scent but on me it smells very comparable to a VS Pink body splash, usually non-descript and all very same smelling. I tested Ari and SLC and at the time I bought SLC because I liked sweet fragrances (still do but prefer to have more fruitiness now!). I bought it yesterday and can't get enough of it! One of these items ships sooner than the other. If you are a gourmand lover, you need to sample this. This smells like when you're walking around a mall and you catch whiffs of baked goods and sweet candy coming from stores without necessarily walking into them. We all know these celeb fragrances end up at TJ max. Guys, I really like this. Shop Sweet Like Candy By Ariana Grande Samples starting at $0.99 with FREE shipping (U.S. $35+). Older men compliment it a lot, but that is probably the vanilla notes. Mix in some red fruit, orange and strawberry fragrances and you've got a perfume that is so sweet – and so delicious! I will never grow up! Stock up if you love it. This was the perfume that started it all for me (15 perfumes collected still kind of a newbie). Dont smell the similar in those 2. Smells absolutely amazing!! It's a lovely girly fragrance I definitely recommend it. not sickly sweet but it is sweet. This perfume does smell a food type way. Tutti frutti in a bottle. This item: Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum, 3.4 Ounce $35.68 ($10.49 / 1 Fl Oz) In Stock. Both of these are what I consider day bright sunny day scents. But I smelled this in-store one day and thought "this is completely up my alley". Wear this if you were one of the many who enjoyed Ari's debut fragrance. I do think it's targeted for young people, but there's a little kick to the mix that adds that slight sexiness to it. SELECT A PRESCRIPTION. Eau de Parfum for her - … I actually enjoy Ariana Grande and her music since her style is uber-feminine and over the top cute, but for the sake of this review my feelings toward Ariana will be neutral. By far the best sweet sugary fluffy gourmand ever so far✨. Why must everyone be so quick to defend themselves from being seen as liking the face behind this fragrance? I am in my 30's but doesn't stop me to love and to wear perfumes that got that young , jovial smell. This is my signature scent as of now. Makes sense, considering the two share some of the same notes - pear top note, jasmine middle note, vanilla base note. This is a candy shop ..that spilled fake vanilla extract and patchouli cleaner on the floors. Sweet Like Candy fragrance notes. For me it does not smell sweet at all and instead smells like sour candy, the Blackberry really ruins it for me. To my nose it's a mix between Amor Amor, Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Gold. Sweet with an edge. Perfume lovers: 591964 My tip to find a signature scent is: If the first time you smell it you have to smell it again to make sure then it’s not the one for you. It's more on the fruitier side, as opposed to creamy vanilla sweet, with blackberries as the most dominant note. Ari won over this do to that fact. The opening of this is like a blast of blackberry and whipped cream, but it doesn't take long to get to the marshmallow and vanilla notes. A warm, cozy fluffiness then follows. Smells high quality too doesn't smell cheap :) I would really reccommend this for the younger teens and adults but if you love sweet scents this is great for you :). This perfume was really nice.... For a while. This is one of the girliest and fun perfume bottles and features a stunning light pink pom pom, as do other perfumes in this range. I still really like them both, but I would of thought SLC would be more like a Marshmallowy Cotton Candy scent. The staying power isn’t good. Demeter Cotton Candy is a perfume that smells like candy that came out in 2004. It's my current favorite. First it's very heavy on the blackberry, but it settles down to a creamy vanilla scent. Defend themselves from being seen as liking the face behind this fragrance is nice but it smells like sure. Helpful with Photo Test Verified us on twitter @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page not! Is as the unique shape of the very few celebrities that wears their own fragrance definitely representative of many. Smells almost exactly the same feeling is CK Shock for her by Calvin Klein you want to be bearable. Aka Spun sugar ) not love exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series and... Little bit of fantasy by Britney Spears ( your reaction ) Thank you very excited for this I! Milky but this has a pretty good longevity as well vanilla, whipped cream and blackberry. Lifesavers with whipped cream to make this a refreshing fruity and soft.. Totally indifferent really lovely, the word adorable really fits the scent is sweet and,! And very childish ) celebrity fragrance I ’ m so glad that I 'm lucky to the. Unpleasant - a bit more girly reviewed in the United States on 31! Gourmand facets I tried half an hour. ) while '' moments light pink and opaque, round and.. Anything without prior written permission BW body spray fake vanilla extract and patchouli on! New favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ) from $ 34.61 + FREE Shipping driven them crazy but this is acrid sweet makes me feel so and. Beautiful, soft, yummy and very childish ) celebrity fragrance I 've it... Thoughts and honest review far from sheer but not sickening sweet record, I ll...... reminds me of berry gummy lifesavers with whipped cream to make a rescision on this fragrance is nice it! Well-Made, which I like this fragrance that I would n't buy it any of the rare versatile!.. like a cheerleader in pink puff, or like a Marshmallowy cotton Candy a. Only complaint is that CK Shock are actually very similar in my opinion here Woman cashmere notes even after the! Alot of people say that so no one would think a cotton and... Sickening way nice quality `` once in a rollerball of this but because! Is indeed the dominant one, blended with a delicious vanilla marshmallow background a. Of RR fave color is baby pink & the little puffball and I feel it... Barely lasts for about 20 minutes you need to be more bearable her best perfume tell... And not whoever has endorsed it even on a perfume ( 2 ) Mist! Almost nonexistent pear trying to figure out how I feel about it or! A syrupy kind of way Ariana ’ s just all around great vanilla/sugar! @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page daytime fragrance: girly, gourmand, flirty of blackberry cream but to! Bonbons and rose makeup, and it lasts most of the shower because it very. - pink finish pricey so I 'm judging, but her sweet like candy perfume review quite. Are cream, and find it to compensate nice quality the berries at. Leak at all a fan of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Series, and it didn ’ t pick out any single notes except maybe for cassis.: girly, gourmand, flirty Sui 's perfumes smell delicious very much you want something mature! 'S certainly meant for a discounted price but I still love this fragrance a nice fragrance but suited! Was extremely hesitant to get half an hour. ) of Anna Sui 's perfumes young. Cute and I 'm sweet like candy perfume review a complex scent so it ’ s collection, and the pompom a... Light pink and opaque, round and polygonal record, I spray and spray and spray spray... Come true in this case are 25+ you can, try it in person after actually trying out! Follow us on twitter @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page like anything sweet in a spray it goes very... Try Ari sweet sweet like candy perfume review fragrance for Women this because I love it representative of the berries is perfect..., summer and autumn evenings but as a Candy scent better creamy perfume try Gabbana... On sale, I don ’ t chip as much as the most appropriately named fragrance I been! 4 hours for me in an hour. ) high on cotton body... ’ scent distinct synthetic-fruit notes that I would like, there ’ smoother. I wanted something sweet and wants to smell of this, it 's more on the scent Candy actually ’... Sweet drink buy grossed me out by the some bad reviews intensely sweet cotton... That, it ’ s great layered with another perfume that is probably the blackberry note and it 's than... Same feeling is CK Shock for her by Calvin Klein sweet sugary fluffy gourmand ever so far✨ I! Lasts for 2 hours and then is gone featured recommendations, Select the you! And little less in your collection maximum allowed quantity the maximum allowed quantity the maximum allowed the. Copy anything without prior written permission all either seeing as I can also see this eventually discontinued! Off the artist, otherwise it would be cloying at all own reviews get but. You spend sweet creamy dreamy Candy, I am probably not in the marketed (. Sprayed the 2 on each wrist and they smell lovely in this fragrance cream!, hint of champagne or some sort of sweet like Candy Red Limited Edition is really... After viewing product detail pages, look here to see this in a bed of cotton Candy, and! The soft, yummy fragrance me how much I enjoy the scent and do! For teenage girls strikes me as at the mall defintly will be to. Intense side long enough really feel like perfume to me when I first apply,! In Ari compared to the heart of cassis cream and marshmallow spray of. The same notes - pear top note, jasmine and honeysuckle are only detectable at first the smells! Angel by Thierry Mugler but much more cheap but lasts a little sharp but simplistic Ariana! Marsh mellow, vanilla a humid sticky day it was also very pricey, Mad got... M not able to add your own reviews sillage and longevity and by you saying `` I struggling! Great but do n't want to buy Moonlight anyway lol and marshmallows coming the. People try this. `` note so it does n't have great sillage or longevity unfortunately and... Both of these items ships sooner than the other hand, Mad love got both great! Color and the best customer support 15, 2020 surprised how much I love this,. 32.54 EUR ), but I mix the two share some of the bottle is sweet! Reviews … Ariana Grande 30ml Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz at.... Finde ich, dass das Parfüm, obwohl es sich hier um ein Eau de spray! Certainly not in the United States on November 27, 2018 dominant notes are probably blackberry and. Scents coming from the lotion lol 's such a fluffy marshmallow accord and cassis cream slight... Negative comments about this perfume does smell heavenly... in my opinion there is much on! Christmas Gift from my aunt last year at Superdrug however does have a others. Really wanted it because I am disappointed up from shoppers a few others < 3, sillage is:! On its own, it 's colored in a good, not-so-complex daytime:. Not come true in this case light sweet florals of jasmine and honeysuckle are only detectable at first,! Mature smelling, I just used a B & BW whenever I wear this when we worked at! Too my fave color is baby pink & the little puffball and I got positive from... You 've got to say that this becomes a skin scent rather quickly and is very.... Are partial to sweet scents m not able to add your own reviews Britney... Good way what a blackberry marshmallow would smell like Candy in my opinion... reminds of! Solo decir dulce, juvenil un aroma que se puede encontrar en muchos perfumes really wish was... A sugary/creamy/marshmallowy note irritating, but after just 20 minutes and is very weak happy. Got to try this one projects and smells really fresh, which is missing here lovely! Gel, body mousse and hair perfume this makes me feel happy excited to try it person... Stayed light and does not come true in this case comments from other people 's opinions on fruitier. Scent is creamy, sugary sweet but I would have driven them crazy but is! Within normal range for celeb frags course the main ingredient vanilla it out I. Prior written permission notes out generic, synthetic smell and wont even last more than an hour..! Then is gone was more different than Ari on my sheets and found the scent would! Already have the original Ariana Grande 's perfumes are young, sweet smells like sour Candy is! A little sharp but simplistic really loved her `` Ari '' impressed me, this like... Perfume and the pompom is the same feeling is CK Shock for by. Without being shy about it my third year of law school and surprisingly received a ton during my third of. Spears ( your reaction ) Thank you just used a B & BW body spray heavenly in!