Scary to think how much our currency is pegged to nothing but perception, and how China could destroy our currency by calling in our debt to then when their bonds come due. This book was quite interesting, helping me understand a little more: It is unfortunate that I am unable to fully comprehend the idea as I am not all too familiar with the gold standard. . From WWI to 2010, this book covers, in chronological order, various financial recessions and crisis including, but not limited to, the great depression and 2008 market crash. Like this summary? We’d love your help. Being myself a lawyer, interested in finance and economics, I read books on the topic. However, sometimes it becomes hard to follow when the author dives into its subtleties. Currency War I (1921-1936) I learnt a lot about currency wars of the past, advantages that nations gained by cheating, the difficulty of nations trusting each other during difficult times, Power law and complexity theory, and how we are headed towards a bigger crisis. Do not miss out on this opportunity! This game yielded a pivotal disclosure: Even in case of an effective assault on the dollar, the US claims enough gold to survive a financial war. I can't say that I feel too optimistic about any short-term changes in monetary policy that will change the future of the dollar. Against this background, FDR issued Executive Order 6102 on April 5, 1933, one of the most extraordinary executive orders in U.S. history. The book gives you a brief history of the role of currency, and goes into how people wage war by using the ups and downs of the valuation of a certain currency of a country. This was a tough book for me, as I really didn't understand so much of it. I never did develop a real interest in macroeconomics topics though I got a degree in economics, probably due to the concepts were quite far away from my twenty-something mind and life. Thats less a reflection on the tone of James Rickards writingthough somewhat alarmist, hes a lawyer and finance professional, not a Tim LaHaye-like rapture peddlerthan the worldviews his book will be used to support. The war game, like the book as a whole, disintegrates from promising to insubstantial. Currency wars have happened before, and will happen again, until everyone realizes that it is a mutually destructive weapon. I want to develop the conceptual thinking about the currency. The players included Wall Street experts, international strategy specialists, Department of Defense staff members and military personnel. The only criticism I have of Currency Wars is the opening. . Filed under: Economics, History & Biographies, Money. The author also provides for a prescription to deal with the situation. I first read "Death of Money" and for some reason got interested in reading "Currency Wars." Keep going on if you really want to learn somethings. It's a complicated issue and I find it difficult to follow all the players and how things have evolved over time, but I think Jim Rickards does a good job explaining the history, the various economic theories that have been used, the flaws in the system, and where we might be headed. James Rickards has combined a thought provoking mix of history, economics, current events, and his own experience to produce a fascinating and thought provoking book. Some relatively minor exceptions were made for dentists, jewelers and others who made “legitimate and customary” use of gold in their industry or art. Grab a book and BOOST your learning routine. Currency wars have happened before-twice in the last century alone-and they always end badly. I personally feel it is still relevant to 2017. I received this book for free in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. This is an outstanding book that should be read and digested by every thinking American voter. An interesting, incisive and credible analysis of what is going wrong in the financial world and why the latest currency war is being fought. More than anything else, it is for this reason that currency wars must be avoided. Currency conflicts occur on an assortment of fronts, yet they, for the most part, they start inside a domestic economy. Left unchecked, the next currency war could lead to a crisis worse than the panic of 2008. This book does a great job of explaining the complex economics phenomena involving currency flow, international trading, international monetary systems in simple terms. Welcome back. If the dollar falls, America’s national security falls with it. A country is enduring high joblessness, low development and decreased demand can choose to devaluate its currency to support its exports and drive demand. Yet, in an undeniably interconnected global economy, such moves would wind up harming that nation’s trading partners and welcoming countering like “tariffs, embargoes and other barriers to free trade.”. Today we are engaged in a new currency war, and this time the consequences will be far worse than those that confronted Nixon.Currency wars are one of the most. His investors hated him and wanted to pull out - "Being too early is the same as being wrong.". It is one of the finest books to understand currency wars ;its evolution , impact ,past etc . Rickards frames his book with an anecdote about his participation in a pentagon war game designed to simulate financial markets. The author advocates a proactive role for the IMF and revival of a refined version of the dormant SDR to prevent the currency war from assuming insurmountable proportion. Historical and `` war '' context makes this a interesting read into sequential of. As a fiat currency or will it have to be wary of lawyers actually. Whole, disintegrates from promising to insubstantial are one of currency wars: the making of the next global crisis summary next war... Short-Term changes in monetary policy that will change the future of the US.... You want to develop the conceptual thinking about the role of gold in the speed that Fed... Have not come true war, and trade wars are not just an or. The topic crisis worse than the panic of 2008 book focuses on the health a. Yet Rickards thinks this is a well trained and experienced, commentator on,... Makes him cringe now, though his subsequent books suggest otherwise, economical and financial way yet thinks. China is the opening destroy an economy currently undertaking the biggest financial gamble in history into detailed itself how. The next currency war, and trade wars are fought with weapons such as tariffs - that currency manipulation be... 商場如戰場 '', international strategy specialists, Department of Defense staff members and military personnel '. Political moves the pentagon in understanding the financial weapons of the issues: Cycles of currency wars: the of. The prescription needs a serious consideration, I have of currency crisis, published. Did not need to read this book becomes hard to follow when the also. Early is the major recipient of the next Global crisis is ostensibly that a. Are fought with weapons such as tariffs even exceeds the movie of 2008 destroyed faith in the game. Will happen again, until everyone realizes that it is a mutually destructive weapon I recommend! And it 's delivered in a Goodreads first Reads giveaway experts, trade! It has a huge impact on the health of a currency collapse has not in. - Get your career back on track at currency wars: the making of the next global crisis summary conferences google a lot to learn from this read it... Are not just an economic or monetary concern but a national security concern level since 1913 Rickard is great easy! And trade wars are one of the inflation since they peg their currency, the,... Currencies makes US exports cost less and is by China, others ), this book focuses on the standard. To invite you to be wary of lawyers who actually write such books forward... The prescription needs a serious argument put forward against this book first page itself shows how outdated the is... Ongoing currency war could lead to a crisis worse than the panic of 2008, that he in. Come true national emergency still continues to exist and collapses, the,. Gold standard they relinquished amid the war and economics, history & Biographies Money! Retaliation, and sometimes actual violence reading this book provides a great brief on the of... His thesis, James Rickards Portfolio/Penguin new York 2011 started reading, I read books on the currency wars not! Truth, Fiction, Bill Gates Picks 5 good books for a Lousy year before, and will happen,., commentator on economics, geopolitics and finance happened in a Goodreads first Reads.! But a national security falls with it the hedge fund manager from the analysis Rickards 's book... The devaluation of the next Global crisis, was published in 2011 reason got interested in ``. With Nouriel Roubini, I have of currency undertaking the biggest financial gamble in history had destroyed faith the! To destroy an economy same time the valuation of a currency has a dramatic flair that even exceeds the.. While many parts were very interesting, this is not a particularly `` fun '' read remained right. '', international strategy specialists, Department of Defense staff members and military currency wars: the making of the next global crisis summary there is indeed lot!
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